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During the week of 15-19 May, TTK Headquarters and TTK Singapore jointly held a series of “Lunch & Learn” technical seminars, presenting to the major consultant firms of Singapore. These seminars were led by the TTK team, comprised of 2 local regional sales managers and 1 marketing manager from France.

Planned from TTK headquarters, six technical seminars were held, arranged with each consultant one month before. These 1-hour seminars, usually planned as lunch time meetings, were held in the meeting rooms of clients such as AECOM, Aurecon, CPG, DSCO, Hurley Palmer Flatt and JRP.

Each seminar held is different, varying from being relaxed and informal to those that are a little more studious. But, no matter the size or style of the meeting – whether 18 attendees or 4 – the TTK team successfully engages with mechanical and electrical engineers, those in Junior and Senior roles, Technical Directors and Associates. Showcasing to the seminar attendees with ease, regional sales managers Vikrant and Louis highlighted the innovative, unique and forward-thinking features of TTK’s news products.

Following the seminar, initial feedback was excellent and stated the sessions were informative, with live demonstration of leak detection and the web interface.

The week proved to be beneficial for TTK too, with 62 Engineers from 6 different Engineering Consultancies witnessing the latest innovation from TTK.

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